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The Select pane supports selecting data in labels. The map window shows preview for the selection.

The Transform pane supports transforming data in labels. The map window shows preview for the transform.

The Transform pane automatically selects the field that contains label text when switched to a labels component.

The Layers pane lists fields for tables, including result tables of queries with or without backing query components. The fields can be reordered and toggled on and off. If all fields are toggled off, the pane shows the first field in the table schema (which presumably contains some form of record ID) to avoid having records with no fields shown. Recomputing a query shows all fields in the new table in order they appear in the schema.

The Layers pane displays field sizes for tables and queries and allows editing them. Field sizes are expressed in points. Setting the size of a field to zero resets it to the default size for the field type.

Reordering fields of a table component or hiding fields of a table component on and off automatically saves field order and field states to table properties. If table properties are read-only, changes are still allowed but are not saved and are lost after the window is closed. Refreshing the table using View - Refresh re-reads field order and field states from table properties.

The SDTS dataport composes style data for images.

The SDTS dataport stores data for multi-channel images in a single table. (Previously, the dataport was creating a separate table for each image.)

The Oracle dataport composes style data for Oracle georasters.

(Fix) The GPKG dataport no longer sometimes fails to connect to the database in read-only mode (for example, from Viewer).

The OSM and PBF dataports expose record versions when they are available.

Exporting a drawing to GDB puts the resulting data into the feature dataset.

End of list.


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German ui file for manifold-(viewer)-


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