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#12-Feb-18 18:18

Hi all

So playing around with 9 I find that once I get the general logic or muscle memory to some of the GUI gestures and quirks I have developed some comments.

1. Lets say you have a drawing open on display and you want to start a map with it. If I add (by drag and drop to the display) schools (another drawing) to it now I have 2 drawings. Manifold does not automaticaly create a new map, rather now I have one drawing with 2 layers on it? Obviously if I do the opposite, if I have a map that has 2 layers on it and I remove one of them (leaving one) should Manifold not understand that now I have a drawing an not a map and the map component should be changed (renamed?) to drawing? I am thinking in terms of visual cues not so much about the underlying programming logic.

2. The more I play around with the software the, more I like it, and the more I need a legend to acompany maps I make. Please add legends :-) Maps without legends are like flowers without pettals.

3. Would it make sense to create super tabs for maps (like chapters in a book) where 100s of layers may be made part of a map, share the same style, on or off state, and transparency.


How soon?

Bernd Raab33 post(s)
#12-Feb-18 18:26

yes, layouts without legends or scalebars or northarrows are useless. Please add this fundamental elements.


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#13-Feb-18 05:14

100% agree. All coming. Very important: in matters such as scalebars and north arrows there are a zillion styles that people might want to use, but a hallmark in all such things is that people tend to use the same ones over and over.

A good thing is to pick out the top three or five you would like to see and to send them in as a Suggestion. No need to do that, of course, if you don't mind using whatever other people prefer.

Same thing with layouts. For all of the elaborate variations one sees different GIS packages offering, it is often the case that people use the same style over and over. If you could pick just three default layout styles, what would they look like? Send them in.

It is easy to provide so many options that most will never be used. What is difficult is to provide a limited set, two or three defaults, that most people think are good for routine work.


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#13-Feb-18 07:47

Regarding item 1 - think of it this way: when you open a drawing, you create a temporary map and the system is displaying this temporary map. You can drop more layers into it and you can turn them on and off, reposition them, etc. At any point, you can save the temporary map you have as a persistent map so that next time you can open that persistent map instead of repeating everything you did to the layers.

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