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#13-Feb-18 00:43


I tried importing (File > Import) an Acad 2000 file into M9 and it had trouble compared to M8.

  • It didn't import the color columns
  • Was very slow to zoom
  • Layers would appear / disappear when panning the Map (that is created automatically on import) and the full complement of layers was never displayed in the Map.
  • Turning layers on/off by double clicking their tab would cause apparent random redraws of the Map.

I also tried importing via New Data Source > Type: File:dwg > Source... > Create Data Source with similar results. I tried linking too but that didn't make any difference.

After a minute or so of panning around and zooming Windows warned me to "Close programs to prevent information loss... close these programs: Manifold System 9.0"

I am running this on Windows 7 32bit and have Manifold 8 open with the same dwg file in it so I understand resources will be low. Interestingly the Map in M8 still pans and zooms fine!

Has anyone else tried working with dwgs in M9?



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#13-Feb-18 07:40

Could you please report this to tech support as a potential bug and offer to send the file?

One possibility is that 9 is importing more data than 8 does and this proves too much for the system (you say it is 32-bit and there are other applications running). This would account for being slow to zoom, layers appearing and disappearing when panning (rendering takes time, so they all disappear at first and then gradually reappear), and random redraws when turning layers on and off (they aren't random, but since rendering takes time, changes on the screen look random - try turning layers on and off in the Layers pane, that way you can turn off many of them at once).

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