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FredMan34 post(s)
#13-Feb-18 21:58

I've been running the PlotTraverse add-in sucessfully on Manifold for years. Recently got a new company computer with pre-ininstalled and activated, and the PlotTraverse add-in no longer works. I get the icons in the Custom toolbar, but upon invoking the add-in all I get is a blank pop-up window.

Old system:

Win10 Pro, 64-bit

Manifold, Personal Edition, running in 32 bit mode

New system:

Win10 Pro, 64-bit

Manifold Enterprise Edition, running in 32 bit mode

Anyone have any idea on how to get the add-in working on the new system?



522 post(s)
#13-Feb-18 22:13

I'm going to assume you have the following from the PDF that came with Plot Traverse:

To Install

To install PlotTraverse into Manifold, unzip the file and place the created folder into your Manifold Config folder. If you have 64-bit Manifold you will need to place the folder into both of your Manifold Config folders....the one under located in “Program Files” and the one located in “Program Files (x86)”. The next time you start Manifold you should see the two icons (one for PlotTraverse and one for Get-Bearing) on one of your toolbars.

FredMan34 post(s)
#13-Feb-18 22:23

Yes. I have properly installed it per the PDF, and the physical file location is identical on both my computers.

The only difference between the two installs is one is Personal (working) and the other is Enterprise Edition. Both are running in 32-bit mode on a 64 bit OS/computer.

I have even gone so far as to create a Manifold System/Config folder in the Program Files dir (not the x86 dir), and putting the PlotTraverse folder there, but no joy.

Both Win10 installs are the same, Build 1709


224 post(s)
#13-Feb-18 22:39

Don't forget to 'unblock' the dll

FredMan34 post(s)
#13-Feb-18 22:57

That's what I love about this resource. Perfect solutions to problems.

Unblocking the DLL solved my issue. Thanks a ton, guys...

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