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sknox47 post(s)
#14-Feb-18 18:42

It's been a while since I've been on the forum, but the arrival of 9 has galvanised me a bit!

I have downloaded Manifold Demo and I understood there to be no limitations in terms of reading data (could be wrong there). I immediately tried to connect to my local postgres databases, and kept getting a "cannot connect to database" error when testing. The data source does show up, but without any tables apart from "System Data". There definitely is a database there (it does have >1 schema though), this is my connection string:

{ "Source": "host=localhost port=5432 user=[redacted] password=[redacted] dbname=[redacted]" }

Type: postgresql

Also understanding that the connection libraries were bundled into the software, I am confused as to what the problem is. My database in 9.6.3 by the way, with Postgis 2.4.2. Is this too recent for the bundled libraries?

Thanks for any help



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#15-Feb-18 06:57

You can tell for sure whether the issue is related to libraries (it likely is) by checking the log: View - Panes - Log Window.

PostgreSQL libraries are not bundled in.

You can get libraries for PostgreSQL and other databases from an archive on the Downloads page (scroll down to 'DLLs for popular open source DBMS packages'), or from database client packages. Either put them into Bin / Bin64 folders, as appropriate, or add a path to them to the system PATH variable.

We support any modern version of PostgreSQL - as long as client libraries support it.

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