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pmckinnon2 post(s)
#21-Feb-18 21:46

Hi, I'm connecting to an ESRI enterprise geodatabase (10.5.1) in a SQL Server 2014 backend with no trouble. Formatting stored in the MFD_META table in the same database are being read, however Manifold does not seem able to write to it. If I attempt to add a component name in Administrator console, I receive the error "Can't edit Metadata", and if I attempt to change the formatting, the data is not saved to MFD_META. I can add and edit records manually in SQL. I have read through the forum and docs but cannot find any info on the specific error. I have investigated permissions and do not see any issues there.

Is the behaviour I'm seeing expected with an ESRI geodatabase or am I missing something?

We are using Database Administrator Edition - Manifold 8, build

Thanks ~


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#22-Feb-18 08:31

I can add and edit records manually in SQL.

Just to be clear, do you mean that if you connect to the same database using a different product outside of Manifold 8 but with the same credentials, you can edit records in MFD_META? If so, that's probably not related to permissions.

It is hard to see what the issue is in this case without the data, unfortunately. I suggest you contact tech support. If you can send the backup of a database that can be used to reproduce the issue (perhaps a model one), that would be helpful. Details: reporting bugs.

pmckinnon2 post(s)
#22-Feb-18 14:11

Yes, I can edit the MFD_META table in other products with the same permissions and SQL profiler shows no permissions issues. Profiler records the insert attempt as RPC:Completed, and a transaction rollback immediately after. No SQL errors. Thanks.


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#09-Mar-18 14:44

Did you find a resolution for this? We are going to be converting our SQL db to enterprise geodatabase and desktop editing will be done in Manifold 8.

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