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jhknapple1 post(s)
#09-Mar-18 19:02

I am looking at using Eagleview Pictometry and need to know if Manifold 8.0.3 will integrate.

560 post(s)
#09-Mar-18 21:19

Not only no, but even with Arc you have to jump through hoops to integrate Pictometry with shape files. Pictometry will not accept files unless the geometry has been repaired within ArcGIS. Within Arc that process is almost hidden, buried in the menus (Geoprocessing>ArcToolbox>Data Management Tools>Features>Repair Geometry (then dropdown and select the shape file you want to repair)). After repairing the geometry you can right-click the layer and select Data and Export data to get a shape file clean enough to upload to Pictometry. Once you get the hang of it the process takes less than 10 minutes. I have ArcGIS for two reasons and this is one of them - ten minutes per week.


3,103 post(s)
#09-Mar-18 23:39

You should think about writing a python script to do it – that should cut your workload down to about five or six seconds.


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#10-Mar-18 07:11

Regarding Repair Geometry in Arc: Normalize Topology or Normalize Metric and then export to SHP in either 8 or 9 should produce the same results. There is only one thing that Repair Geometry does that Normalize Xxx do not do by default and that's splitting multi-part objects into individual parts. That can also be done in both 8 and 9, but I'd first check if this is actually necessary.

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