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Home - General / All posts - M8 can't open geoTiff while M9 or QGIS can
Corentin47 post(s)
#14-Mar-18 09:51


I got 2 geoTiff from this website :

they are a bit large (278Mo each) M8 can't open them (error message : can't open file); while M9 or QGIS can. Why? I only have M9 viewer so I cannot export them to work in M8... Strangely QGIS cannot export them

any idea?


8,401 post(s)
#14-Mar-18 10:02

Manifold 9 can open TIFF files that Manifold 8 cannot, because the code in Manifold 9 has been improved to support new versions and new features of the format, fix various bugs, etc. Without looking at the files, it might be that the issue is support for BigTIFF.

Corentin47 post(s)
#14-Mar-18 11:44

With QGIS 3.0 I succeed in loading and saving this file, which make me a 18Go tiff file... M8 was not able to open it. I changed the resolution in QGIS option I got a 68Mo file which manifold was able to open. I still need to figure out how QGIS change the resolution and what impact on data it has.

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