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#26-Mar-18 15:17

This thread describes the last batch of updates to the 9.0.165.x series of builds which were merged to 9.0.166.

The build can be downloaded from the Product Downloads page.


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#26-Mar-18 15:17


Decomposing areas for contours and traces includes optimizations for large geoms. Performance improvements depend on the data and are typically significant (the decompose phase is several times / sometimes several tens of times faster).

Building contour lines on huge rasters automatically splits created lines after 64 million coordinates if decomposing is allowed.

(Fix) Building contour areas no longer sometimes (very rarely) misplaces small branches built around specific degenerate pixel configurations.

Reading a DXF file reads HATCH objects as areas and avoids creating separate objects for area boundaries.

End of list.


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#26-Mar-18 15:18

Performance numbers for decomposing areas:

Test 1.

Build 9 contour areas on 2,000 x 3,000 pixels, decompose, 8 threads. 0.593 sec.

9.0.166: 0.553 sec (decompose is a small part of the operation, however there is a ~10% performance increase even on small data).

Test 2.

Build 12 contour areas on 3,600 x 3,600 pixels, decompose, 8 threads. 1.089 sec.

9.0.166: 0.943 sec (as above).

Test 3.

Build 11 contour areas on 21,500 x 21,600 pixels, decompose, 8 threads. 349.700 sec.

9.0.166: 162.669 sec (in this test decompose was dominating the processing time so the effect of optimizations for big areas is very noticeable).

Test 4.

Trace areas on 10,300 x 7,300 pixels, decompose, 8 threads. 20.045 sec.

9.0.166: 18.450 sec (in this test the majority of time is spent adding millions of small objects, so while decompose performs faster, the overall effect is back to ~10%).

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