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#30-Mar-18 15:42

This is a hotfix build for an issue introduced in related to reading data from databases.

The issue is that reading data from a database like SQL Server or PostgreSQL may sometimes fail with an 'Unknown error' message. The circumstances are very specific and do not occur normally (eg, one of the requirements is fetching zero fields and using the request to probe for the data). However, several UI tools are unfortunate in that they are issuing read requests configured in exactly the way that can fail.

The hotfix build fixes the issue. There are no other changes.

SHA256: dbff2880b1075c0c52986a1bdb50052d16c2bc3523c1466ffdad5f64fa4d07f7

SHA256: ee3a845ad190bc33a653d8db13daf29416067cbd86492aa3e71916a08242f700

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