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#04-Apr-18 19:22

Hi manifolders.

I have an image that I want to export into a Geotif. Same scenario in M8 and R9.

In M8 exports the tif as a single band tif. Is this correct? I think so. The image in the project pane says its a RGB color image, so I should export as 3 bands right?

In R9 exports the tif as a 4 band image RGBa. Is this correct? Documentatioan doesn't specify, but I think it does.

The thing is that I need the Geotiff to be a RGB (3 channels) only image. Can we specify something like that in any of the versions M8 or R9???

In ARCGIS, they recommend to Export Raster the Geotif using specifications such as User Renderer, Force RGB and No Data Value to 0... but I dont own nor use ARCGIS at all...

Thank you for the support. Good vibes to all.


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#05-Apr-18 07:43

It is strange that 8 exports an RGB image as a 1-band TIFF. I did a quick test by importing a JPEG (RGB) and exporting the result as a TIFF and got a 3-band TIFF, or at least 9 reads it as such. I then re-exported the result as a TIFF using 9 and got a 3-band TIFF again, or at least 9 thought it had 3 bands.

We are going to add conversions from RGB to RGBA and back (and others) to 9. I suppose we could also add export options to force RGB or RGBA even if the source image isn't that.

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#14-Apr-18 00:26

Thanks Adam, I think the add conversions of RGB to RGBA would be a good thing.

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