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#08-Apr-18 19:38


In MFD9 the image server ( bing ,google map ..) has no bounding box .

At this time i not test or read the manifold doc but I need a 4000x4000 pixel capture to import in photoshop background . In a way each tile are are store in Table use column Tile.

1) Is there a way to create one and capture the content at a specific scale / zoom ?

2) Can i modify in mfd_meta the property of image server to limit the bounding box ?

3) is there a way to track ( see the value in real time ) of the dynamic parameters value ( x y zoom or lat long width height zoom ...or any combination ) use by MF9 for any image server ? could this information appear in a status bar when drawing layer is active or open ?

4) i really ask what mean view at actual pixel in photoshop ? Does it mean that application ll place for each rgb led in the screen (ppi) photoshop show a pixel of the raster file ?

my screen is 1920 x 1080 100( 102) ppi

Taille [pouces/cm 1p=2,54cm] 22 ( 21.5) / 55

Ratio d'affichage 16:9

Pitch [mm] 0,25 ( 0,247)


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#09-Apr-18 22:39

Layouts have bounding box so perhaps using layout and print inside virtual driver ( pdf) and then extract embedded raster from A0 or bigger pdf size.

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#17-Apr-18 09:55

In order:

1 - Images exposed by web dataports like Bing do have a bounding box like all other images. Create a data source for Bing Maps, open it, right click the image and select Properties. The bounding box is in the Rect property (something like [ 0, 0, 134217728, 134217728 ]).

2 - You can modify properties of components on web dataports if you allow them to cache data in parent data source by checking both 'Cache data' and 'Save cached data between sessions' options in the New Data Source dialog. I would advise against that, though - just copy the image from the web data source, paste it into the MAP file, correct its Table property to point to the table in the data source ([Bing Maps Street Map] -> [Bing Data Source]::[Bing Maps Street Map]) and then edit properties of that new image in whatever way you want.

3 - You cannot currently Alt-click into tiles of web images, unfortunately. The reason is exactly that they are exposing intermediate levels as separate records with specific values of the Level field. We don't really want to allow selecting / picking tiles in intermediate levels, this has many complications for the user (the most important one is that if the selection recognizes intermediate levels, it is not easy to tell whether a particular pixel is selected or not - it might be selected on level A and unselected on level B, this is just difficult to conceptualize and work with).

I don't understand item 4. :-( If you rephrase, I will try to answer.

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