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#09-Apr-18 22:00

Hi i store all the new manifold feature on the same directory location ( replace older one) . I remenber a post in the forum where adam give me code to test form but don't find where . I test the form today with manifold that open using Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio, and now in MFD9f there seem to be more information that appear in GUI and I don't succeed to launch the script using MFD9f .

1) howto solve the reference "error " ?

I try to reference more library in the script using Blend tool but nothing change .

If i build using Blend , blend to confirm there is no error and code need to be call can't be launch alone.

I i launch in mMFD9f , MFD9f build call also the script but MFD9f don't find Linq

2) What mean miscellaneous Files in Blend for Visual studio ?

Can Blend be able to use MFD 9 binary ( dll exe ) to debug/test script inside blend ?

3) if i test others script/plugin the message are the same in most case .

do we need when add .......""// $reference: System.dll ""

to also add after code.... ""using System;              """



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#09-Apr-18 22:17

4) there is also a new scan item in menu . I need to read the documentation

search for word "plugins" in documentation index return this page ( plug in mean use external tool perhaps command line so i am wrong i must search "add-in" or "menu" in index but seem no item )

NB : the layout doc has been update !!


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"Because my dad promised me" ( interstellar ) but blackhole don't exist

best hardware with no ads focus on quality features price like manifold see xiaomi


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#10-Apr-18 06:06

I need to read the documentation

Me too. That's been in there for a long time and, I think, is documented only in the Radian beta forum announcements. I'll look it up and make sure it gets documented properly.


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#11-Apr-18 20:14

There is an Example now as well as a topic for scanning raw files.


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#17-Apr-18 10:41

Regarding the errors:

It looks to me that you are misspelling the names of DLLs by adding an extra closing paren. The first screen shows the code with: $reference: EntityFramework.dll) -- the closing paren should not be there. The third screen complains about similarly named DLLs.

The error in the second screen is likely related to IronPython DLLs not being in the PATH variable / one of Manifold folders for binaries. Tim had a mini-guide on how to make IronPython DLLs visible to 9, try searching the forum for 'from:tjhb ironpython' or something like that). We will try to add that info to the documentation / web site as well.


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#17-Apr-18 10:58

The procedure needs slight adjustment for IronPython 2.7.8. Now only .net 4.5 assemblies are installed by the .msi, and they are installed to the IronPython root, not into a subfolder.

Perhaps Lionel has updated to 2.7.8.

I will fix up the instructions tomorrow.

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