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#13-Apr-18 09:58

Good day everyone!

Is it Possible in Manifold 8 to Create shapefiles from image server like open streetmap automatically?

may i know how to do it?


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#17-Apr-18 11:06

From image servers? You mean taking a raster and converting it to vectors? That's possible, but very laborious, and I guess pointless in the case of OSM because there is vector OSM data: PBF / other formats, and we can import them directly.

PS: Just saw that you were talking about Manifold 8, not 9. 8 does not support PBF. However, there's a lot of OSM data in SHP and 8 supports that. You could also take 9, read PBF, export as SHP and read that in 8.

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#18-Apr-18 07:16

Thank you

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