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AdamMoffett3 post(s)
#15-Apr-18 16:15

Question on improving Manifold 8/9 Redraw performance.

I'm in Manifold 8 right now. In the attached screenshot there are close to 200,000 objects in view. When I pan or zoom on this map there's a long pause before objects start being drawn on the screen. I just panned right and it was well over 10 seconds of white background, and once the layers start showing up they all populate on the screen in another 2-4 seconds.

According to the Windows 10 Task Manager there's no significant increase in CPU, Memory, Disk, or GPU usage during my 10 second wait.

I'm getting a new computer soon and I want to eliminate this problem. What am I waiting for during that 10 seconds of white background and how do I make that faster? I'm going to buy both Manifold 8 & 9 for the new computer so if using version 9 would fix it then that's an option.



5,491 post(s)
#15-Apr-18 20:15

9 is much faster than 8 for most things, including being significantly faster with large vector layers. Download the free Viewer and see what you think (Viewer is a read-only version of 9). Use the latest Edge build of Viewer and you have the latest and greatest from 9.

I just opened an 8 .map file with the latest Viewer... it takes a bit to convert to 9 format, but then it flies. This map is most of the bigger roads in France, plus what seems to be all the roads in cities like Paris, about 550,000 line objects. It pans and zooms effectively instantly.

It does that even in a map that uses, say, Pseudo-Mercator and if the Roads layer is in Lat/Lon and has to be reprojected on the fly each time you pan/zoom. 8 can't touch that performance.

See also the videos in the Gallery page. 9 is phenomenally faster than 8 at big rasters. 9 can open 100 GB files full of images instantly and pan and zoom instantly where it would take 8 a day.

AdamMoffett3 post(s)
#15-Apr-18 20:20

Ok thanks for the info. Sounds like I'll see a big difference when I get into version 9.


5,491 post(s)
#15-Apr-18 20:22

For sure. Give Viewer a try... it's a great tool and totally free, no strings attached, no nagware, etc. It's supposed to be something you can give away to whoever you like so they can view and work with what you create in 9... or 8, I guess as well. :-)

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