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#15-Apr-18 22:38


I gone back to see if I can work with a .gdb folder I received from a LidAR supplier. Another consultant is doing the GIS work on this project and is using ESRI Arc something or other. He has produced contour maps and slope class maps. I want to see if I can do similar in Manifold 9. Reading the manual there seems to be promise in Maniflold's database console but I can't find how to open the dialogue window in Manifold 9.

I started here on the sales websit on formats that Release 9 works with, it reads "For notes on ESRI geodatabasses see":

which leads me to "Manifold knows to look for SDE or Personal geodatabase data if we use Database Console"

But the help documentation on Tools > Database Console doesn't indicate how to open or where to find the Database Console. It's not under Tools nor an option in the File > Import or File > Link dialogue windows.

Reading the documentation, there is promise that maybe I can see the contents of the .gbb file to extract some content. The folder is 0.5 GB in size. When I try to open the folder and select the one .gdb file, I do extract one shapefile which is the area of interest shapefile I sent to the LiDAR supplier.

I believe I'm running the Universal version of Manifold which was the offer for those who bought Radian + Manifold 8 then upgraded in the first offer to Manifold 9 Universal. The .gdb folder is a folder I've downloaded from the LiDAR suppler and sits as a folder in Windows 7. I work entirely with files and folders in Windows My Docs, I don't have any databases.


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#15-Apr-18 22:59

I started here on the sales websit on formats that Release 9 works with...

You don't say what page that is, so it's hard to tell whether you are looking at the wrong page, or whether there is a problem on the page you are looking at...

it reads "For notes on ESRI geodatabasses see":

...but if you do open that link, the target page is headed "Release 8 formats", and that's the information it gives. You can ignore this for version 9.

The right place to start is with the Manifold 9 manual.

See the topic Formats and Data Sources > GDB, ESRI File Geodatabase and follow one of the excellent examples.

There is a helpful Limitations section, but there is an important one which as far as I can see is not mentioned there (though it has been mentioned several times by Adam on the forum, e.g. 1 2 3). That is that Manifold cannot read file geodatabases that contain raster data. That is a limitation on on the SDK, imposed by ESRI.


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#15-Apr-18 23:17

Correction (I think).

That is that Manifold cannot read file geodatabases that contain raster data raster data from a file geodatabase.

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#17-Apr-18 16:44

Thanks tjhb, I didn't notice that I had landed on M8 product page, it got my hopes up to finally see what was in the .gdb folder. Yes, I recall Adam's note that ESRI's SDK doesn't provide access to raster data in a .gdb folder.

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