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#16-Apr-18 21:47


Someone may explain how to merge images in one single image with SQL in M9 ? It can be in a new image or in one of the input images.

Maybe it is not yet available ?

Thank you.


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#17-Apr-18 01:57

what is strange is that raster has no index . I would say merge 2 table in one but copy paste don"t work using table content because projection seem manage by raster component so best ll be copy paste from/beetween raster component but don't work !! I don't succeed using gui mouse / keyboard and don't find in query builder function name that seem to merge copy union raster tile !! ( tileCombine( <tile>,<tileback>):<tile> )

here mxb asset with big image and sub image but we have to wait a little ( i think ?) to have tools for manage raster in manifold 9 like manifold 8 have !!

1024 x 1024 = 8x8 x ( 128x128) => x = 01234567 and y = 01234567 1,1=128x128


join image

"Because my dad promised me" ( interstellar ) but blackhole don't exist

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#17-Apr-18 08:00

what is strange is that raster has no index .

No, rasters do have indexes. Import an image. Right click on that image's table and choose Schema. See the index, typically called X_Y_Tile_x ?


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#17-Apr-18 07:52

Maybe it is not yet available ?

Possible to do but very tedious. There are merge capabilities waiting to be integrated into the build that will come out very soon, within a week or two. They were intended to be published earlier, but instead they were held back to allow introduction of the new machinery and dialogs for managing coordinate systems (which have a lot to do with how images are represented and how images in different coordinate systems can be merged.)

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