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#17-Apr-18 13:55

Here is a thought process for everyone:

  1. Microsoft makes BOTH Power BI and SQL Server
  2. SQL Server's SQL can write geometries out as GeoJSON, but not TOPOJSON
  3. Power BI can read TOPOJSON, but not GeoJSON
  4. In Microsoft's documentation, they tell you to go to a site to convert GIS data to TOPOJSON, but have no mention of GeoJSON

So, what's wrong with this picture? Do these guys talk to one another? How incredibly powerful Microsoft Power BI would be if they could consume GeoJSON (like just about everyone else).

This leads me to two questions: is it of any value to have the ability to return a geometry as a TOPOJSON in Manifold 9?


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#20-Apr-18 13:14

TopoJSON is an extension of GeoJSON (although you cannot read TopoJSON as GeoJSON), so the above is slightly less strange than it might appear on first sight: item 2 means that SQL Server just outputs plain GeoJSON without topology info and item 3 means that Power BI requires topology info to be present.

We are going to add means to read TopoJSON. Later, we might add means to write it as well (the process is different from other exports in that the data set has to go through an equivalent of Normalize Topology).

In the meantime, you can go from GeoJSON to TopoJSON and back using geo2topo / topo2geo command line tools (see the TopoJSON repository).

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