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jdjoy173 post(s)
#18-Apr-18 16:41

Was curious if there is a "views" function for Manifold 9 like they had in version 8. In 8 you can set multiple views on your map to jump to specific points of interest, and wanted to know if they kept the same function or if there is a different way to do that now in 9.


5,174 post(s)
#18-Apr-18 20:30

Not yet in 9, but no doubt there will be.

For now, when I want the effect of Views I use a simple hack: drop a new, blank drawing (name the drawing for the name of the view you want to remember) into the map, pan and zoom to the view of interest and add a diagonal line to the new drawing with two clicks that runs across the view.

After that, whether the layer is on or off you can right click on that layer tab and choose zoom and it zooms to that view. It's just zooming to the extent of the line you put into that layer, but the effect is the same.

You can drag and drop that drawing into any map you use so the "view" you define in that way is portable. I guess if you had a lot of these you could put them in a folder in your project called "views" and then use whichever one you wanted from your collection. You could also link that project into other projects so such "views" could be used in other projects (or, I guess, you could just copy and paste the entire folder into your working project...).

There's probably a more elegant way to do it today then the above hack, but what the heck, it works for me so I haven't spent any more thought on it.


8,474 post(s)
#19-Apr-18 08:16

That is great Dimitri, really helpful (an elegant hack I will use).

jdjoy173 post(s)
#19-Apr-18 13:03

Very helpful! thanks for the hack.

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