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#19-Apr-18 09:56

There's a new video on the Gallery page showing how to view and scrape vector data from sites listed in the really super US government index of web served data at

The video uses GeoJSON as an example of viewing and scraping since GeoJSON is a particularly useful format for publishing vector data, but exactly the same steps work with other web-served vector formats. is a US government site so it has primarily US data, over 100,000 sources listed. It would be great to find something like that for the EU, where you could search by format. :-)


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#19-Apr-18 12:57

That was a good job. I think there is one thing you should add that will only take less than 30 seconds, and that is after exporting to shape file you should also move the data into SQL server or postgres, and also move it into a Geodatabase.

In fact, before even deleting the data source, you should slide it into another format. That to me would be a very useful workflow to show: the ability to grab hundreds of Web server data sources and easily slide it into an ESRI Geodatabase or into a SQL Server database.

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