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#04-May-18 03:32

Good day everyone!

May i ask if manifold 8 can read drone images (geotiff format)?

if does, may i know how to do it?

thank you...


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#04-May-18 04:37

Just File import image works with smaller ones.

I find larger images from drone deploy use a variation of tiff (bigtiff), which supports file sizes over 4GB, but which 8 can't handle.

I've been opening them with qgis and exporting into smaller chunks which manifold can handle.

I'm pretty sure Manifold 9 can open them directly, haven't tried re-exporting.

Search the forum for bigtiff and you will find some discussion of it.

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#04-May-18 05:49

Thank you mikedufty, i did use global mapper then export to manifold and went succesful..


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#04-May-18 08:38

I'm pretty sure Manifold 9 can open them directly,

Yes, it does. Anyone can try for free using Viewer.


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#07-May-18 05:22

Viewer definitely won't do the exporting to 8 compatible format though.


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#07-May-18 07:13

Recently I had a 3.9 GB drone tiff that M8 wouldn't import. I loaded it into Photoshop because I needed to do some color work and saved it as tif from there. It then imported to M8.

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#07-May-18 09:28

For export, use Release 9.

Using Viewer to import a particular format is just a proof that 9 can import it as well. Note that once you have the image in 9 you can connect through 9 to the project with 8. I suppose you could also export it to some other format common to 8 or save it into a DBMS that your 8 license can read.

Personally, I look forward to the day when we can use 9 for all our image work. It's just so much faster with big images. Steadily, all those small conveniences one wants are being added to 9, the Merge Images capability in the recent build, for example.

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