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Home - General / All posts - Importing GeoTIFFs/images into M9 - projection issues
gjsa48 post(s)
#04-May-18 10:53

Importing images correctly seems hit and miss. The download link below includes a tif and a shapefile and they should overlap as shown in the screenshot attached.

M9 has a problem recognising the projection of the tif and then still won't project correctly when the projection is assigned.

FYI: image is projected in EPSG 3308, shapefile is projected in EPSG 28355

QGIS 3 and ArcGIS Pro 2.1 both load and project the image correctly.



8,402 post(s)
#05-May-18 14:06

We will take a look, thanks.

gjsa48 post(s)
#24-Jun-18 09:49

All fixed in

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