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#11-May-18 06:33

I suspect this just isn't practical, but.. I was watching the "merge images" video and it's use of the Google Transparent image server background, which struck a note for a possible solution in a current 8 project*. I followed the detailed examples to create a new data source using the Manifold 9 driver to a 9 project with a Google transparent image server data source (see screenshot). Followed by opening the 8 project and selecting the resulting Machine Data Source via the Database Console and choosing "link" per this example - second screenshot. Something's happening in the background but I suspect, if anything, it might be trying to download the lot, at best.

I appreciate the example deals with drawing tables rather than web server image tile tables. Is what I have attempted even plausible?

I too am feeling much more comfortable working with 9 as time passes.

*It's a project which still needs to split areas with lines, distribute numeric data proportionately on area and do a table join which currently yields the "invalid Object Reference" discussed in this thread on re-opening.

9 data source for 8 through odbc connection.PNG
ODBC through data source to 9 project image server ODBC data source.PNG


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#11-May-18 16:54

Trying to bring raster data from 9 to 8 via ODBC won't work, unfortunately, because 8 doesn't understand the tile format used by 9 and because 8 won't be able to organize individual tiles into an image. You will just get a table with X, Y and some binary values.

You have to either export the image in 9 / import it in 8, or use a database like Oracle which can store rasters that 8 recognizes.

However, for Google images specifically, you can use an image server in 8.


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#11-May-18 17:31


We will fix the error on opening the file that you reference. After we do this, let's continue with the split / distribution proportionally to area (this isn't terribly complex).


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#12-May-18 02:18

Thanks for the explanation and alternative, appreciated. For a "transparent" web image in 8, WikiMapia still works.

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