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Rakau60 post(s)
#13-May-18 06:58

I have an area flown and processed in Drone Deploy. Exporting the Elevation as tiled tiff images (4 tiles in total)

When importing into Manifold 8, all show as I would expect, but Manifold 9 only shows a portion`of the images

Two images attached shows the results better

Anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong?



8,516 post(s)
#13-May-18 07:19

I don’t whether I am reading the images correctly, but to me the Manifold 9 images seem to show the same as the Manifold 8 image, but with different formatting.

If the formatting is “the same”, can you show how it is set in each application?

Rakau60 post(s)
#13-May-18 08:29

The formatting is set in DroneDeploy,

Same images are imported into each system. I would have expected the M9 display would have been exactly the same as the M8, but when displayed with Bing image as background, the M9 show total transparency in what we see as bright blue in the M8 version.

I have tried exporting from DD as a B&W image, and get the same result of area of image showing

Attached screenshot of the original images.

I am really questioning why the complete image is not imported, or have I got some setting that is only displaying a certain range of pixels?




5,249 post(s)
#13-May-18 19:31

but when displayed with Bing image as background, the M9 show total transparency in what we see as bright blue in the M8 version.

Tell us what settings you are using in 9, for example, in the Style panel, and tell us about the images. Saying "it is a tiff" says nothing. For example, how many channels do they have? 1 ? 4? The user manual for the software you use to create the images can probably tell you what it is creating.

Just a wild guess, but it sounds like you have a four channel tiff image where in 9 one of the channels is being used for the Alpha, that is, transparency channel in 9. 9 does a better job than 8 of extracting data from tiff files, providing them to you for your use as you see fit.

If that's it, read the manual topics on Style for images as well as the various examples and you should be able to sort it out very quickly. If that's not it, doing that reading will help you learn a bit more so you can provide more details on what the images are and what settings are being used.

Rakau60 post(s)
#14-May-18 10:28

Thanks. Have spent a little time experimenting as suggested, although still not getting results I would have expected

Style panel, I have set as Channel 0, egual intervals of 5 breaks and the fill set to interpolate. I have experiments with the many options in both Classic and Colour Brewer.

The Image imported is listed as a GeoTiff RGB suitable as a 2D option for further processing in GIS.

I have attached one of the images if anyone is interested in testing.




8,317 post(s)
#14-May-18 13:54

Thanks for the file, this helps.

Things seem wrong, yes. We will investigate and I will report on the results.

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