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#15-May-18 18:58


I've been working this morning on trying to convert a line defining an island into an area. The line outlining the island appears to be made up of line segments, if I use Transform > Convert to Area I get many small areas outlined by line segments plus a straight line joining the two endpoints of the line segment. I've looked in the online documentation and tried possible transformation templates. I've checked for gaps between the line segments but there do not appear to be any. I need to join all the line segments into one continuous line around the island to then convert the line outline into an area.

I tried Merge Lines but that seems to make one record of all the lines but does not join them into one closed line that I can convert to an area. Join Lines in M8 seemed to do the job then a Decompose to Segments would check for gaps between line segments.


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#16-May-18 08:44

You can Merge Lines, then Normalize Metric to join branches meeting at ends together, then Convert to Area. If the object is complex, you can inspect the branches prior to doing Convert to Area (in the Record pane), remove those that don't form circles, then do Normalize Metric again to join the remaining branches together as needed.

Overall, we are missing a transform here, it was called Bounded Areas in 8. We will add it, this currently waits on one more thing that we don't yet have (used to wait for two things, one is now done).


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#16-May-18 10:37

A quick tip: if you just want to do the lines for one island, first select those lines and then when you run the Merge Lines template check the Restrict to selection box in the transform panel. (Otherwise, you'll merge all the lines in the drawing into one line object. )

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