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#20-May-18 12:47

i can't edit this old post about old manifold version Big problem with ID and auto increment column in drawing.

Does manifold 9 has some functionnalities to manage new colum that must behave like auto increment .

i think index in MFD9 also support i think many hidden options that the shema GUI Panel windows don't show or let us modify like : auto_increment , unique ,sequence, not null , positive , numeric data ( not float?) primary key, trigger ( spy insert event to compute add a value to the field) ?

perhaps some property fields should be use to make auto increment work ?

I read that in MYSQL some that the specific SQL engine MyISAM support auto increment in secondary column !

an article cover auto increment in SQL SERVER and MS ACCESS and other howto reset increment column

each SQL Servers use it own reserved word in SQL to implement auto increment !

in the doc the increment word is relative to

1) Manifold will increment the name

2) Manifold will automatically populate the mfd_idprimary key ID field by auto-incrementing it starting from 1as we add records to a new table.

But no article about SQL "AUTO INCREMENT" or any other specific way to create / update re initiate a increment column ( index or new column )

IT is strange in a mysql article , reset the auto increment need to use truncate or drop / create so we lost our data !!! what is the purpose of this way of doing ?

Perhaps there is there is no reason to change or manipulate an index column unless you want to order things. So icreate a new post about orders things



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#22-May-18 09:26

Support for autoincrement (or otherwise autofilling) fields depends on the data source.

The only autoincrement field in MAP files is MFD_ID.

We might allow custom autoincrement fields in MAP files in the future. We are also looking to allow working with autoincrement fields on other data sources in database-neutral manner from SQL.

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