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#21-May-18 01:03

I am still evaluating data capture applications. The standout in the open source world to me is Geopaparazzi. It does everything I want and is extremely well optimised for the type of work that I do. It uses a single spatiallite database for data storage although it can also use GeoPackages. I am at the point of testing it for complex data collection. The only issue that I have is that sometimes, the reference manual is a bit light on the advanced subjects. I would be happy to start a thread on working with Geopaparazzi data in Manifold. I see Manifold as being used to merge data from different users.

I have just come from a regional GIS conference where I presented Manifold. There were a lot of stunned faces in the crowd and I don't thing that is because they dazzled by Manifold but because brain overload sets in very quickly when you stray from the simplest baby steps when talking about taking a database approach to spatial data.

In the conference was able to ask about data collection software. Some are using ESRI Collector and some are using Fulcrum. I have Collector and consider it unsuitable for use in remote environments because I can't bypass the ArcOnline interface to deal with issues that may come up in a disconnected environment. Geopaparazzi allows me to do a lot on the device and I can create spatiallite database or geopackages on any GIS I like and upload them to the device. It also does everything that collector does. I have not used Fulcrum in battle but it looks like they know what they are doing. Even a major open source developer recommended it.

The previous data collection thread is here - skip back from the last post to see info on data collection solutions.

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