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#22-May-18 03:31

I was wondering if there was any documentation or pointers on how to form an Add-in for M9.

I've looked at the online docs for 9 but can't find anything. Even the 'Tools' menu documentation overlooks the Add-in item (docs need updating?).

I tried creating and dropping a simple Add-in xml and txt script into "C:\...\manifold-9.0.167-x64\manifold-9.0.167-x64\shared" (where a helpful txt document says "Use this folder to keep your custom configuration files"). Running Tools>Add-ins>Rescan yields: "Add-in commands:0". Moving the files to a folder called Config doesn't help either.

Has anyone made an Add-in for M9 yet?

Could anyone offer a simple example?



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#22-May-18 08:40

(1) The script must be valid (must already run inside 9).

(2) Use a file extension indicating the language (e.g. .cs, .vb, .py, .vbs, etc), not .txt.

(3) No .xml file is required. Everything is scanned automatically.

This is from memory. There is documentation--I will find it tomorrow if not beaten to it.

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#22-May-18 08:45

One example is here.

quickest way to get started is to copy the Dump_Code.cs file into \shared


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#22-May-18 08:59

Nice example Riivo! Shows heaps.


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#22-May-18 09:46

Thanks guys.

Great succinct help and advice!

Useful add-in too rk - my first M9 add-in installed!


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#18-Jun-18 02:25

really great !!!

here the mxb project and capture screen that show location and howto run location file locate

1) under C:\Program Files\Manifold\v9.0\Shared\Dump_code.cs that save content project inside txt and sql file extension near the open map project file

2) inside project : test.sql call the Csharp script datelib.cs



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