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#24-May-18 01:48

I have a iFormBuilder account with a moderate amount of data on it. This data can be exported as JSON or XML. I have only just started with iFormBuilder but it seems to push data in little files to an address you provide, even dropbox. It also provides URLs for downloading data in either JSON or XML. There are some other formats such as html or pdf but after seeing a sample of these, they are definitely not a prospect.

I would like to clean up the data and put it in a relational database that can support reporting. One approach will be to pull out some key fields and shove the rest into a field of type XML or JSON. I have no experience with these data types and their searchability. Shoving a whole XML/JSON record into a field is likely to be required where users keep changing form design.

The users can design their own forms and I had attached a sample of the data collected. The places and names have been removed or degraded.



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#24-May-18 01:57

Manifold 9 SQL has built-support for building and parsing JSON, and uses JSON for passing coordinate systems, formatting and other things. Not XML (though there’s heaps of support for XML in .NET for scripting).

If you’re thinking of working with this data in Manifold 9 SQL, pick JSON.

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