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#04-Jun-18 06:35

Good day everyone!

Is there a way in manifold a script perhaps where in all columns that have "data types = Text ANSI (fixed length)" is transform to "Make title case"?

This will help me to transform in an instant instead of using the transformation toolbar and in per column basis.



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#04-Jun-18 10:36

You can use UI scripting.

See attached example.

The script:



Sub TitleCaseField(field)

  Set ui = Application.UserInterface

  Set toolbar = ui.Toolbars("Transform")

  toolbar.ControlSet("EditTransformTarget").Text = field

  toolbar.ControlSet("EditTransformOperation").Text = "Make Title Case"


End Sub


Sub Main

  Set active = Application.ActiveWindow.ActiveComponent

  For Each col In active.ColumnSet

    If col.Type = ColumnTypeAText Then

      TitleCaseField col.Name

    End If


End Sub

I didn't check if the columns are fixed or variable-length, but that's easy to add.

You have to open the table, then run the script from the Project pane with the table window being active.



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#04-Jun-18 12:21

Or a script with a query in it:


Sub Main

 Set app = Application

  Set comps = Document.ComponentSet

 If comps.ItemByName("Q") = -1 then

 Set qry = document.NewQuery("Q"True)


 Set qry = comps("Q")

 End if

 theTbl = Application.InputBox ("Name of table to transform to upper case?","Uppercase data")

 If comps.ItemByName(theTbl) = -1 then

 Call app.MessageBox(theTbl & " not found""Not found")

 Exit Sub

 End if

  Set tbl = comps(theTbl)

 For each col in tbl.Columnset

 if col.Type = ColumnTypeAText then

 tblName = col.Name

 qry.text = "UPDATE [Trees Table] SET " & tblName & " = UPPER(" & tblName & ")"

 ' uncomment following line to see names of columns updated.

 'app.History.Log (col.Name) & vbnewline

 End if


 If comps("Q") <> "" then


 End if

End Sub

Adam, how can you discern fixed from variable length?

I've been trying to figure it out..


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#04-Jun-18 12:51

Apologies! I read Title Case but registered UPPER CASE.

Probably not so easy in SQL...


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#04-Jun-18 13:27

That's why I used UI scripting. :-)

Whether a text field is fixed-length or variable-length is determined from Column.Size. 0 means variable-length, a positive value means fixed-length.


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#05-Jun-18 00:34

Also, for interest there is a past thread where tjhb and JKelly put forward a VbScript and a C# script that change a column to title case. Interestingly, VbScript does it almost twice as quick.

... variable-length is determined from Column.Size. 0 means variable-length

Thanks Adam. So simple!


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#05-Jun-18 01:16

Interestingly, VbScript does it almost twice as quick.

Scrap that. Once debug/log calls were removed there wasn't much difference.

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