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sour114 post(s)
#13-Jun-18 03:43

Good day everyone!

I'm planning to do indoor GIS. I have seen sample from internet. seen from esri website.

Anyone here been doing this project / activity lately? and if ever hope you can share your activity.


486 post(s)
#13-Jun-18 17:32

Hello sour,

Can you describe what is "indoor GIS"? Or provide a link to what you found on the Internet? I've read some of your other postings and your technical level is quite high (higher than mine). I suspect you speak several languages and I think we have different ideas of "indoor". Thanks.

544 post(s)
#13-Jun-18 18:28

I think of it as what happens after the CAD designers go home. With CAD there is no data, so if you want to have the data associated with, say, all the power cutoffs in a shopping center, you would put that into a GIS. You could map out the water cutoff valves, HVAC units on the roof, doors, occupants, security cameras, etc.

jsperr56 post(s)
#13-Jun-18 19:28

In the ESRI world, I think it is called "Facilities Management".

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