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hsamuel111 post(s)
#13-Jun-18 16:59

Hey all!

so I have finally been able to successfully create and run my query but I am wanting to be able to export the results. According to the Manifold manual, I should be able to do that by going to Edit > Export Results, however that option doesnt exist for me when I go to edit.

Is it because Im using Manifold Viewer? What are other options for exporting query results?


544 post(s)
#13-Jun-18 17:11

The viewer is not a creator. You can't save or export from viewer. When I reached the point with viewer that I could actually do stuff, I bought the full up Manifold.

hsamuel111 post(s)
#13-Jun-18 18:05

So no sneaky workaround at all to somehow get the result off of the viewer?


5,248 post(s)
#13-Jun-18 19:36

You can do a Windows screenshot by pressing the PrtScn button. Crop the screenshot using Paint or Gimp or PhotoShop or whatever.

Don't everybody laugh, as that's surprisingly useful if the images created are destined for a web site, inclusion in a Word document or other online publication.

People often underestimate what can be done with Viewer. Considering that you can copy / paste text between the command window and notepad, you can write and save huge queries in text files. Load your data, paste the query, and it can do some real analytics for you, all for free.

In a production environment where you have many people in an organization that need to work with projects that one or two experts create, you can use full licenses to create the projects and the queries, put them on a server and then have many people using viewer to link them read-only. Those many people may not be authors, but they could run significant queries created by the experts, and do so against DBMS data sources and so on, again, all for free.

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