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#14-Jun-18 16:38

This is another thought I had based on making numerous mistakes creating points yesterday. If this is a concern for others, I'll make a suggestion, but if is just me, I'll try to sharpen my eyesight.

In M8 the snapping marker is a dark green circle with a slight cross hairs effect and with a white halo. The halo effect makes the snapping indicator visible in contrast to either dark or light backgrounds. In M9 the snapping marker is a smallish medium-dark blue square. As it turns out it is low contrast and nearly invisible in many of the colors used by Google Earth. Can the snapping tool be enlarged slightly and have some sort of effect to make it visible against a wider variety of backgrounds?

Manifold Snap Tool Comparison.jpg

StanNWT93 post(s)
#14-Jun-18 17:47

I think you'd like some kind of reverse video effect on the snapping circle / cross hair?


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#15-Jun-18 16:00

Agree. We should add some contrasting border.

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