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#19-Jun-18 23:00

I'm trying to imagine why someone would use kriging. It could be I'm missing out on this element of GIS.


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#19-Jun-18 23:21

When you have sparse or limited point data, spread across a larger area of interest, and need to fill the whole area with a smooth, regular grid of predicted values, based statistically on the known point samples.

Geology, CO2 or NOx concentrations, noise... sometimes elevation.

If you have dense data, or if a result must be exact rather than statistical, then another method is usually better than Kriging. With sparse data, an exact method (such as triangulation, or gravity/inverse distance weighting) is often worse than useless, because it creates obvious artefacts.

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#21-Jun-18 04:46

I used to use kriging to make a surface from contour lines. I also used it to make a surface from lidar-derived spot heights. There were many uses.

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