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#21-Jun-18 16:17

Hi there,

A client has asked me to print a pdf map in A1 size. However, i don't have a printer driver installed that can handle layouts that large and MS Print to PDF only goes up to A2.

Is there a way to create pdfs this big?

I'm using Manifold 8.0 64bit on a standard PC.



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#21-Jun-18 16:25

Most PDF print drivers support custom paper sizes, I would normally create the custom size through the Windows Printer Preferences if I needed it for Manifold.

#21-Jun-18 16:32

I'm using Foxit and it only goes up to A2... Do you know if Adobe's free pdf printer go up to A1? Or can you recommend another that definitely does the business?


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#21-Jun-18 16:54

Adobe's description for the PDF driver (here) seems to say that they support custom page formats, so I guess even if they don't have A1 available as a direct choice, you can add that as a custom format.


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#21-Jun-18 17:00

...speaking of custom page sizes, you should have them in Foxit as well (here). Try adding A1 as a custom page size.

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#10-Jul-18 14:26


why not install a driver that comes with windows, i.e. in Windows 10 "HP DesignJet Z6200ps 60in" ?

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