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Sheonyuan2 post(s)
#27-Jun-18 04:13

How to use Plot traverse? in UTM projection


8,402 post(s)
#27-Jun-18 15:03

Could you be a little more specific regarding what you are trying to do?

Sheonyuan2 post(s)
#28-Jun-18 23:18

am trying to draw metes and bounds, but i dont know how to use the tool plot traverse


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#29-Jun-18 01:44

See the pdf file in the PlotTraverse download package. It describes the workings of the add-in. You need to understand the concept of basis of bearings.

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#03-Jul-18 18:43

I read deeds all day long and use Plot Traverse sometimes 10 times a day. I create a text file with the metes and bounds converted to Colon-Delimited Quadrant Bearings - [N/S]dd:mm:ss[E/W] format without the brackets. Browse to that file from the PlotTraverse dialog box, set the distance units to US Survey Foot (or TX Varas for the old Spanish measurements used in Texas), create a point of origin in my Metes and Bounds layer, and hit the Plot to Drawing button.

When I first put the lines in, they come in colored pink. I have two fields in the M&B table for documentation to help me remember where the metes and bounds originated. Once those fields are filled, then the color of the lines changes to lime green as pictured in the attachment. That gives me enough information to find the deeds and the metes and bounds file if there is a question.

Also it is fairly normal for the metes and bounds to plot a half a degree or more off of true, depending on when the survey was done. I use the rotate tool to align with the Earth as seen by Google.

PlotTraverse Image.jpg

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