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#06-Jul-18 18:15


We've been using Manifold 8 in which we have many VB scripts...

I'm evaluating Manifold 9 and I'd like to know new features compared to Manifold 8.

Is there a document summarizing these new features and capabilities?

Also, can we open Manifold 8 maps with version 9 and everything will work fine?

What about VB scripts? Will they be running fine?


PS. I asked similar question last year for Manifold Future, but I see the product now is called Manifold Universal, which I thought might be different, so I repeated the question.

Mike Pelletier

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#06-Jul-18 18:24

The short answer is no to all your questions. Version 9 is quite different so scripts and SQL need to be rewritten. It has a totally new infrastructure built for speed. Peruse the manual for what it can do and know that they are continually adding new features every week or so. The cartography, editing tools, and various other things are not there yet so I continue to use version 8 about 95% of the time.

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#09-Jul-18 17:57

The latest version of Future is a maturing product in continual development and production, so it changes every week or so as Mike said. It already does things that Manifold 8 did not do, but it does not, yet, do some things expected of a great GIS. The promise is certainly there, though. I'm not going to complain about it not printing oversize to an Adobe Acrobat printer (except in this backhanded way), because it does so many fantastic things, so well, in so many other ways. I trust the ability to do the mundane will eventually come along.

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