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#09-Jul-18 09:32

There is a new example project, only 4 KB as an mxb, published as server_sights.mxb in the miscellaneous downloads lists on the web site. Open this in the free Viewer or in 9.

This is a list of a couple of dozen locations that often pop up on Internet lists of interesting things that can be seen on Google Earth. The project includes a map with both Bing satellite and Google satellite layers since some sights are better seen on Bing than Google.

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#09-Jul-18 18:03

The .mxb link goes to symbol set in Firefox. You have to use a different browser to get the file.

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#09-Jul-18 18:47

In Firefox, right click the link and then click on "Save Link As" and it will download correctly.


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#09-Jul-18 19:03

Could that be something you've configured in Firefox? I've done a google search for firefox and .mxb and come up with nothing in firefox documentation. Magix bitmap format uses .mxb, but I haven't found anything online referencing that in Firefox. I don't use Firefox, but am curious what it does.


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#09-Jul-18 21:33

Goes directly to save or open the mxb in my version of Firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit)

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