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#19-Jul-18 14:43

Since todays automatic update of Microsofts criminal KB2952664 manifold 8 and 9 among other incluging MS office programs no longer start on my Win 7prof system. And I can't uninstall this completely useless 'feature' Grrr

WernerDE5 post(s)
#19-Jul-18 16:28

No problem with this on my Win7 64bit Professional, Manifold and MS Office behave as usual.


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#19-Jul-18 16:30

Can you not remove it using Control Panel - Programs and Features - Installed Updates - (find the update) - Uninstall? Then go to Windows Update, Check for Updates, wait for the system to find the update / update pack with what you just uninstalled, verify it is the one you don't want, and hide it.


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#19-Jul-18 19:15

Sadly not. Many identical hits when searching the internet. Either uninstall fails with an error or it seems to have done the uninstall, the update is removed from the list. Nevertheless it's still active and present next time you recreate the list of updates - and with the same date of today, not a previous version..

I had installed a blocker for the GWX-Tool (Get Windows X) in ~2015. Microsoft has removed the tool. However this "important update for WIN 10 kompatability" that simply wanted to make me upgrade the system while it was free apparently now persues the objective by corrupting my WIN 7 system.


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#20-Jul-18 00:09

This may not help (closing the stable door after the horse has bolted). But you might have other machines you need to protect.

After the horrible KB2952664, Microsoft did correct its ways.

Microsoft guidance is here: KB3080351 How to manage Windows 10 notification and upgrade options

My short version:

(1) Install both of these Windows updates:

KB3050265 Windows Update Client for Windows 7: June 2015

KB3065987 Windows Update Client for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: July 2015

(2) Then apply these two registry patches:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Bear in mind that it's a while since I used Windows 7 SP1. But this method did work cleanly to prevent surreptitious upgrades, or "offers" to upgrade (so kind!), from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

The important point is that Microsoft added the ability to avoid a forced upgrade only with the two patches above (KB3050265 and KB3065987).


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#20-Jul-18 08:38

That's the way the GWX Control Panel tried to control these updates on my system to no avail since this update is rated 'important'

However the problem is


On my WIN 7 64bit prof System there is a kompatability mode for WIN 7 that I've never noted before.

Sounds weird? But selecting this kompatability mode for the affected programs solves the issue.

Perhaps something that the installer of new builds could take care off.

ps: Off cause I have disabled to participate in the 'Windows Customer Experience Improvement-Programm' on all of my machines, the only context of the update according to MS comments - Well, we get used to evident lies.


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#20-Jul-18 09:07

Right. (Though I think you missed my point entirely about the two necessary updates. Install them, then the registry patches, forget GWX Control Panel. But much more importantly...)

Now (today, this morning) institute a backup regime.

One that lets you restore any (or every) machine within 20 minutes.

No excuses. It's easy and natural.


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#20-Jul-18 09:20

I have this for data, not for the image of systems

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