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#20-Jul-18 09:28

There's a new video on the Gallery page, how to install and run Viewer from a portable installation. It's also applicable to installing and running Release 9 from a portable installation.

To repeat a note from another thread:

By the way, upcoming demo projects will include UNESCO world heritage sites, US Civil War battlefields, and giant sinkholes of the world. Suggestions for other lists of sites for Locations (famous waterfalls?....) would be very much appreciated!


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#20-Jul-18 09:47

I think all peaks over 4000 metres would be worth a look.

And all protected areas of ocean.

(Worldwide obviously.)

Known ocean features under 4000 metres would be good too.

Mike Pelletier

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#25-Jul-18 16:25

Adam once mentioned automating within Manifold the ability to extract certain Open Street Maps items of interest. I messed with it earlier in the year and it is indeed a challenge to understand the OSM database. You might use your influence to push that effort along. Then people could extract items of interests such as local parks, museums, etc. Having them as points makes them searchable vs just using the OSM background image. There are other tools out there for using parts of OSM data but Manifold's speed might make it a nice one stop shop for accessing it all.

Another thought is that it has been a long time since we have seen significant improvements in cartography. I'm not complaining because quality work takes time and it makes sense to improve Mfd 9's core strength so people can use it more for analysis work. However, your many videos on using Viewer and locations makes me think your also wanting to attract people who might find fun ways to use the software. That's good but I think improving the cartography to a level that is a few steps past Mfd 8 will get a lot more people using the software on a day to day basis. At least that is what is holding me back. If I was using it more, then I could give much better feedback.


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#26-Jul-18 08:18

We agree about cartography. This is going to be the main focus of 9.0.168.x builds after the current series of 9.0.167.x builds end with a public build (soon). Not that we will stop adding analysis, but the main focus of 9.0.168.x builds will be cartography.

Mike Pelletier

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#31-Jul-18 17:43

That's good news Adam. Will be interesting to see what's in the oven.

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