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sour114 post(s)
#30-Jul-18 03:31

Good day! I have long list of saved views in my “View” panes. Is there a script or way to delete particular views? Although this is possible in creating new maps, but what if I would retain selected views?

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#30-Jul-18 06:14

I have some scripts for managing views in Manifold 8 which I can post.

There's no way to know which view is selected in the list (in any case I'm pretty sure you can only select one).

My first script saves all views for the current component into a new drawing of points. The points can then be edited of course.

The second script allows all views for the current component to be deleted, ready for replacement.

The third script loads a drawing of points into a new set of views.

I use these scripts together for backup and archiving, and especially for copying views between components and projects.

sour114 post(s)
#30-Jul-18 08:28

Thanks TJHB will be happy to use those scripts if you will permit.

Actually third script is also my concern, but still waiting for the second script to resolve.

In the second script I have a different approach it could be based on the table list (assigned by no. or whatever indicated in the particular “column”). The name of the view can be same as what is indicated in the “column”.



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#30-Jul-18 09:02

I'll post tomorrow then.

I don't understand your approach for the second script, but we can talk about that when you have tried my scripts. Maybe we can go further.

sour114 post(s)
#30-Jul-18 09:11

Noted and thanks sir!


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#30-Jul-18 23:34



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#30-Jul-18 23:18

Here are the 3 scripts, with XML needed to include them as add-ins.

They require IronPython.

A workflow might go like this:

  • open any component that has saved views (e.g. "Name")
  • run the add-in "Save views to points"
  • you get a new drawing with the same name plus suffix " views" (e.g. "Name views")
  • edit the drawing if you like
  • rename the drawing, to share the same views with another component (e.g. now "Map views")
  • open the other component with matching name (e.g. "Map")
  • if necessary, delete its current views with add-in "Delete all views"
  • run add-in "Restore views from points"

You might use a different workflow.

[Added: also needs helper add-in "" for function "current_geographic_component".]

Delete all
Restore views from
Save views to


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#30-Jul-18 23:35

For Windows 64-bit, "" should go in subfolder "C:\Program Files\Manifold System\Config\Shared".

Other scripts and Views.xml should go in parent folder "C:\Program Files\Manifold System\Config".

sour114 post(s)
#01-Aug-18 03:13

thanks and noted sir will try this later.


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#01-Aug-18 06:32

If you don't already have IronPython installed, and need help setting it up for Manifold 8 (or 9), then just say.

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