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Home - General / All posts - 167.7 sometimes does not read DWG R2000 anymore
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#30-Jul-18 11:08

before 167.7 we imported data from dwg r2000. With 167.7 dwg changes

The DWG dataport recognizes variants of DWG up to R2018 and can read quite a bit more data out of modern variants.

The DWG dataport maps character data to Unicode using codepage data in the file.

we get

*** Invalid key field value.

on import and linking/data source does not show data unless Merge layers is set.

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#31-Jul-18 14:58

I exported two files (small and large) from DGNv8 to different DWG variants with Bentley Microstation.

Then tried to (a) import, (b) link, (c) link with layers merged into Manifold and

Summary is here


Manifold System

D:\2018\aoi_r14.dwg    -- Import: D:\2018\aoi_r14.dwg (0.005 sec)

D:\2018\dwg_r14.dwg    -- Import: D:\2018\dwg_r14.dwg (6.448 sec)

D:\2018\aoi_r2000.dwg  -- Import: D:\2018\aoi_r2000.dwg (0.004 sec)

D:\2018\dwg_r2000.dwg  -- Import: D:\2018\dwg_r2000.dwg (7.119 sec)

D:\2018\aoi_r2004.dwg *** Unknown file format.

D:\2018\dwg_r2004.dwg *** Unknown file format.

D:\2018\aoi_r2007.dwg *** Unknown file format.

D:\2018\dwg_r2007.dwg *** Unknown file format.

D:\2018\aoi_r2010.dwg *** Unknown file format.

D:\2018\dwg_r2010.dwg *** Unknown file format.

D:\2018\aoi_r2013.dwg *** Unknown file format.

D:\2018\dwg_r2013.dwg *** Unknown file format.

this is expected.

Manifold System Beta

D:\2018\aoi_r14.dwg   *** Invalid value (null).

D:\2018\dwg_r14.dwg   *** Invalid key field value.

D:\2018\aoi_r2000.dwg *** Invalid key field value.

D:\2018\dwg_r2000.dwg *** Invalid key field value.

D:\2018\aoi_r2004.dwg *** Invalid value (null).

D:\2018\dwg_r2004.dwg *** Invalid key field value.

D:\2018\aoi_r2007.dwg  -- Import: D:\2018\DGN\aoi_r2007.dwg (0.004 sec)

D:\2018\dwg_r2007.dwg *** Cannot read data.

D:\2018\aoi_r2010.dwg  -- Import: D:\2018\DGN\aoi_r2010.dwg (0.003 sec)

D:\2018\dwg_r2010.dwg  -- Import: D:\2018\dwg_r2010.dwg (7.335 sec)

D:\2018\aoi_r2013.dwg *** Internal error.

D:\2018\dwg_r2013.dwg *** Internal error.

Linking/Linking merged

Manifold System

D:\2018\aoi_r14.dwg  Ok/Ok

D:\2018\dwg_r14.dwg  Ok/Ok

D:\2018\aoi_r2000.dwg  Ok/Ok

D:\2018\dwg_r2000.dwg  Ok/Ok

D:\2018\aoi_r2004.dwg  No/No

D:\2018\dwg_r2004.dwg  No/No

D:\2018\aoi_r2007.dwg  No/No

D:\2018\dwg_r2007.dwg  No/No

D:\2018\aoi_r2010.dwg  No/No

D:\2018\dwg_r2010.dwg  No/No

D:\2018\aoi_r2013.dwg  No/No

D:\2018\dwg_r2013.dwg  No/No

Manifold System Beta

D:\2018\aoi_r14.dwg  No/Ok (!)

D:\2018\dwg_r14.dwg  No/Ok

D:\2018\aoi_r2000.dwg  No/Ok (!)

D:\2018\dwg_r2000.dwg  No/Ok

D:\2018\aoi_r2004.dwg  No/Ok (!)

D:\2018\dwg_r2004.dwg  No/Ok

D:\2018\aoi_r2007.dwg  Ok/Ok

D:\2018\dwg_r2007.dwg  No/No

D:\2018\aoi_r2010.dwg  Ok/Ok

D:\2018\dwg_r2010.dwg  Ok/Ok

D:\2018\aoi_r2013.dwg  No/No

D:\2018\dwg_r2013.dwg  No/No

No means that it keeps showing the "play" icon.

(!) Sometimes expanding the datasource tree gives messagebox "Invalid value (null).", then one must delete the datasource before project pane can respond to other mouse actions.

In my case r2010 seems to work best.


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#01-Aug-18 17:08

We believe we found the root cause of the issues (most of the above boils down to a single place of code which has a bug).

We'll deliver the fix in

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