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#03-Aug-18 18:29

I seem to remember there was an explanation of how to use the M8 point styles in M9, but I can't find it. More specifically many of the M8 icons were styled to use both selected colors to make a 2-toned icon. Is there an explanation of how to do this somewhere?


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#12-Aug-18 09:22

There have been a lot of movement to put things like this into fonts. Fonts were already scalable and resolution-independent before, now they can store color data (smileys for messengers, button icons for programs, etc). 9 allows using these extensions to fonts, and you don't have to create custom styles, you just tell 9 which font and character you want to use (picking from a dialog) and it's done and transportable between different machines.

You cannot currently use icons and the more involved built-in styles from 8. We have some extensions planned here.


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#12-Aug-18 18:24

... you don't have to create custom styles, you just tell 9 which font and character you want to use ...


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#12-Aug-18 18:52

But we want to or need to create our own styles!

(well, I do )

If we can't use the XML format to create custom point styles we will have to use a font editor. Doable. But we loose the flexibility of background, mixed and foreground colors. We can get this by a combined symbol created in different drawings based on the same table. But this gets unmanageable in the layerbar and calls for the layer entry type of a components container simply based on another map component.


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#12-Aug-18 18:53

This is however no solution for custom line symbols or customized area fill styles.

I use both of them intensly in Mfd8!


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#13-Aug-18 07:24

We will allow creating custom styles, absolutely.

With the note on using font characters for points I just meant that you don't have to create a custom style to do that, that you just pick the font and the character you want to use and you are done.


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#13-Aug-18 07:40

I understand it's second priority. No problem as long as it is in the pipeline.


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#13-Aug-18 19:22

I understand it's second priority.

It is a top priority. But, that also means it must be done right. This waited on some other things that had to get done first so that custom styles could be done correctly. No worries. It is being worked on now.

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#13-Aug-18 17:47

For some reason I was thinking the M8 point symbols were in a folder or file that could be imported into 9. Or that they could be exported as a font file and imported to 9. I have vivid dreams, so maybe that's where I saw it.


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#18-Aug-18 06:30

does support SVG can be usefull for have custom icon font ?

Apple has the best tool and price for create and export fonts ! microsoft apple netflix google have their own font to avoid pay licence to foundry ....

Microsoft store has has OPenType SVG Font editor ( github microsoft store )

In web design we have where we can import our custom svg design for generate a typefont file . glyph are store in custom available free index / range call PUA characters . some file font extension format are suitable for some web browser and some others for microsoft windows Desktop ( so available in manifold 9 ) .

the only tool on microsoft that i test was . So the price is less than others tools and have some functionnalities like reduce the number of point that have been use to create vector shape ( illustrator has also this functionnalities with a plug in )

every year new tool format appear ( adobe)

really like

join image

"Because my dad promised me" ( interstellar ) but blackhole don't exist

best hardware with no ads focus on quality features price like manifold see xiaomi

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