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#09-Aug-18 21:01


I have a tif file with the specs shown in the attached jpeg. I can't open it. Any idea why ?

Total number of pixels is 572 677 290.



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#09-Aug-18 21:48

From memory, I don't think Manifold 8 supports 32-bit per channel TIFF format. I will check.

If you can have it converted to FLT format you will be able to import it as a surface.


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#09-Aug-18 21:56

It does, but it seems to have a file size limit. I can split in 2 and import 2 files.


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#09-Aug-18 23:16

I should have checked before posting. (I think I am confused with 32-bit multi-channel TIFF files, but again would need to check.)

Is this file ordinary TIFF or BigTIFF? Manifold 8 does not support BigTIFF (Manifold 9 does). The metadata you posted says "TIFF" not "BigTIFF".

23733 x 24130 pixels x 4 bytes per pixel (32 bits) -> 2,290,709,160 bytes, about 2.1 GB. So this image can fit in ordinary TIFF (even uncompressed), it is well within the 4 GB limit.

But maybe the metadata readout is wrong or misleading, and the image has been written to BigTIFF, even though that was not necessary?

If Manifold 9 can read it, while Manifold 8 can't, then perhaps that is looking likely.


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#12-Aug-18 08:18

It would be simpler to answer the question having the file, but in general, like Tim says, this is quite likely a limitation of the import in Manifold 8, not a bug.


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#13-Aug-18 16:01

Maybe ArcGIS is creating BigTiff and M8 cannot import it. I imported the same TIF coming from M9 without problem.

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