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#14-Aug-18 01:19

Hi I am using M8. I created a Mysql database in AWS. Created the Data Source (MySQL ODBC) in M8 and I can see the db and tables. BUT, the columns of the table can't be edited? Is this normal or I am missing some other step to be able to modify the values in those columns in the table. I can create new columns from M8, but I can't fill them up with values...

I can see and work with the database from a different SQL client, perfectly. Even see the new columns from M8 instantly. I change some values and refresh in M8, and I see the changes. But, why I can't do that inside Manifold???

Can someone help me out or guide me in to the Manual section that can be useful, please.

I also tried in M9, The data source is created perfectly I can see the Database, but no tables are present. Just wierd. If I want to save the project, gives a Unknown Error...

Have a great one, everybody. Tomas


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#14-Aug-18 08:44

Regarding 9, the log window probably contains some notes on why exactly the data source does not show any tables. The issue is likely that 9 cannot find the DLLs for MySQL client. The easiest way to resolve this is to download these DLLs from the Release 9 Downloads page (scroll down to "DLLs for Popular Open Source DBMS Packages") and put them into ~\bin and ~\bin64 folders of the installation of 9. Restart 9 after you change the contents of ~\bin and ~\bin64 (in general, it is better to close all instances of 9, update the folders, then start 9 again).

Regarding 8, it is hard to say why specifically it cannot edit the table you have without knowing the schema of that table. Most likely, 8 cannot detect a unique index for the table. If so, fixing this would be beyond the scope of 8, better working with data on existing databases is part of why we created 9.

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