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I have a drawing linked to a query. The query returns, amongst other columns, a column [mfd_id], on which there is a BTREE index in the underlying table. The query selects from only that table, without any joins or expressions creating new fields, etc.

With that drawing active in an open map window, I interactively (ctrl-click-drag-a-box) select some features in that drawing. I then right click the drawing's "tab" at the bottom of the map window, and click "Open Table".

The query component opens. I execute the query, and a table of results is returned, but none of the records in those results is "selected".

Running an ad-hoc query SELECT * FROM CALL Selection([my_drawing], TRUE); returns an empty results table as well (screen shot attached).

Is there a way to see, in a table (or return in a query) which records I have selected in a drawing linked to a query?

Doing some hard RTFM'ing here, coming up empty, sorry. Thanks again for putting my kids through college.



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#24-Aug-18 17:39

The table that provides data for the map window and the table that provides data for the table window are different tables produced by the same query. Selections for such tables are managed on a per-window basis. In SQL you access them using SelectionWindow(), not Selection(), and you specify the name of the window from which you want to have the selection as it is written on the tab.

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#24-Aug-18 17:44

In the manual, clear as day:

I was too focused on Selection().

Thank you.

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