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#27-Aug-18 16:00

This is such a computer specific issue that I have hesitated to ask, but maybe it is a more general question than I realize.

After 4 years in this job I have accumulated 260,000 cached Google Earth .png tiles covering my county. That amounts to 45GB of images in one folder. Statistically those files account for 23% of all files on my computer. In that time Google Earth has posted 2 different sets of tiles, so these are doubling up on each other. Also in that time we have changed from dial-up Internet speeds to a fiber optic connection with 30Mbps download. When I launch or save a Manifold 8 file, it seems to spend a long time "Analyzing image files." Is it analyzing these .png files? Today it took over an hour to open a 239GB file. Once it is up and running all seems fine. What might happen if I deleted the cache of .pngs and changed to not cacheing the tiles? Would M8 load faster?

I'm thinking of deleting the cache of .png files and either starting over or changing the setting so as to not cache data between sessions. Before I do anything rash, like delete these .png files, are there other ways to speed things up? I seem to remember something about having one folder with thousands and thousands of files could slow your computer, but it also seems to me that that problem has been overcome.

Again I realize the problem could be very specific to this computer, but if it is not, then I'm exploring alternative solutions for speeding up M8.


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#27-Aug-18 16:14

It's taking a long time to open because it is analyzing all of those cached files. It would be faster if you didn't have those files there.

When I used 8 if I was not intending to take the computer into the field where I had no Internet, I would not save the cached imageserver files but would delete them.

With 9 I always leave the default setting of not caching the imageserver tiles. That has the advantage of getting the latest and greatest. Mobile internet worldwide has gotten faster and cheaper so I'm very rarely in a place where I can't get tiles on the fly through mobile internet.


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#27-Aug-18 16:30

You can check quickly by moving the folder to a place where 8 won't be able to find it.

There are tons of possible reasons for the slowness, one more could be tons of files in the temp folder. This is more common with machines that are left unattended for long periods, like web servers, but it happens with regular desktops as well. If your temp folder contains more than a couple thousand of files, this is a problem: do a clean reboot, then delete as many of the files as the system will let you. Because when the number of files in the temp folder is high, creating a new temp file - which is a routine operation in many applications - becomes slow.

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#27-Aug-18 18:01

SNAP! I opened a second copy and deleted the Manifold link to Google Earth, saved the file with a new name, and it saved very quickly (a few seconds instead of 10s of minutes). I'll be much less grumpy now.

It turns out this morning's issue was more with Windows Explorer making a RAM grab. I asked it to give me a full info dump on that folder with the 260 kilofiles in it. Even after I closed the Explorer windows it continued to hold onto the RAM. Killed and restarted Win Explorer and everything is faster.

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