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Home - General / All posts - Problems importing MDB into Manfifold 8 (32 bit)
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#03-Sep-18 20:08

I am having trouble importing the attached MDB file in M8-32bit version. I was able to do this before - maybe 2 years ago but the format of the MDB may have been updated by the software that creates it. It is not Access, but a specialized survey calculation software built on the "Intellicad" cad engine. I am able to open the file with LibreOffice where I see that it contains a single table. (See compiled screen captures in PDF attached) When opening it, I am prompted to select a "Character Set", and after some trials discovered that "Western Europe (ASCII/US)" gives the best results.

The attached sample MDB is just one of 100's that I need to import and the process needs to be repeated on a regular basis so a manual conversion process for each file is not a practical solution.

I notice the release notes of the newest Radian version mentions something about improved performance with database files, but to be honest I got scared by the entirely new UI so have not used it.

Perhaps it is time?

Data view in LibreOffice.pdf

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#04-Sep-18 08:22

I viewed your LibreOffice.pdf file.

I see there are several "," in the field naming on top of each column.

I am not aware that "," are allowed in field naming.


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#04-Sep-18 13:37

Perhaps it is time?

No need to wonder. There's a free Viewer for that.... :-) Import your .mdb and see. There's even a step by step example how to do it. :-)


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#04-Sep-18 18:58

Could not restrain my curiosity, so I tried to download the .mdb, but I don't see it. Could you try uploading it again? Also, maybe better as a zip file.


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#05-Sep-18 08:23

Aha... I have found the reason the file you attached cannot be imported. It is not a Microsoft .mdb file.

Easy to prove: try opening it with Microsoft Access. I won't open, and is rejected by Access with an "unrecognized database format" error. It looks like whatever software created it does not correctly write .mdb format.

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#10-Sep-18 21:50

Alas, I have found the offending code and looked at the coder who made the gaff... and saw myself looking back in the mirror.


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#22-Sep-18 10:09

Which version of Jet are you using to create the MDB? Microsoft have been gradually dropping support for older flavors of MDB and for older features of Jet in general, so if you did use Jet (and did not write the file by creating its internal structures from sequences of bytes), perhaps it is the version that is the problem - and you can perhaps access the data in the file, from either 8 or 9, just on a system with an old version of Windows (a virtual machine with Windows XP?).

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