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#12-Sep-18 12:23

There are many real time weather and precipitation radar web services for the US and a few other countries, but not so many for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Attached is an .mxb project that contains a really nice WMS data source I found, with many useful layers. The map in the project uses three as examples:

As described in

_mpe - multi-sensor precipitation estimate - useful for precipitation. Extends to the East beyond most other layers.

_cth - cloud top height

As described in

_microphysics - composite RGB useful for cloud analysis.

_natural - a more or less natural look. Water clouds (not snow or ice) appear whitish.

I've been using the _mpe layer over the _natural layer, to get an impression of precipitation over cloud cover.


PS: I'm still looking for real-time weather radar coverage in Europe and Asia. Also, it would be great to find something like eumetsat web services for Asia, Oz, etc. Any leads?



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#12-Sep-18 14:13

This is awesome!. Thanks Dimitri.

How soon?

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#13-Sep-18 08:26

Dimtri : maybe you could find some more information on or on the windy community


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#13-Sep-18 09:02

Thanks for the link! That's an interesting resource. What a beautiful, animated display on!

I've searched their site and haven't seen links to web services in the site or their community forum. As always, the hard part is finding the needle in the haystack.

In this case, the "needle" is a URL to a web service publishing using one of the usual formats, like WMS, WFS, etc.

The "haystack" is many links to sites that publish radar or other interesting data in other forms, such as .jpg or other images on their site which get updated based on their radars, or which just publish data on their own web page (like beautiful, but not a web service like WMS or ArcGIS REST).

That's OK. The more of us who work on this together the more resources we'll find. :-)

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