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Home - General / All posts - importing a .LAZ file in Manifold Viewer and view the Drawing component
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#13-Sep-18 20:47

I am using Manifold Viewer build .

I imported a .LAZ file in Viewer.

The related table of the Drawing counts ove r2.500.000 records

The projection shows Pseudo Mercator but I believe it should be Belgium National Grid (EPSG:31370) with offset X at 98500 and offset Y at 187000

When I click on the Drawing component to open it , i get a blank window , at the bottom of the window there is the filename with a exclamation mark.

What do I need to do to view the Drawing component in a correct manner?


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#13-Sep-18 21:45

View - Message or <F7> tells you what to do. Typically an index is missing.

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#14-Sep-18 09:21

Thank you. That helped.

Need learning M9 now.

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#14-Sep-18 16:07

There are several LiDAR related posts in the forum. With the help of the clever folks here I was able to import one certain category of LiDAR points for my entire county in one operation. That saved a huge amount of processing for the unnecessary points in my data set. M9 has improved considerably since those were posted, but not much has been done to improve .las processing itself.

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